By Mistress King, Apr 13 2015 11:06AM

I went on a decadent dinner date with a dark side. I'd given my date a list of tasks to complete, and made sure he arrived with these fulfilled. Dinner was at an elegant Chinese restaurant, and we feasted well. I loved tasting the exquisite dishes, and sharing stories with him, all while knowing he was wearing frilly ladies panties, and a snug buttplug under his immaculate suit. I'm sure he was enjoying this humiliation also, as he would blush a little and squirm, when I gave him a knowing look. After dinner, we retired to his hotel room and I made him strip off. I berated him for wearing ladies panties, and what a slutty sissy he must be to wear such items. I made him show me his little sissy cock and buttplug, and mocked his small appendage. I told him that slutty little sissies like him, have to be punished, and for his punishment I would be putting pegs on his sissy cock. I enjoyed listening to his shallow panting the more pegs I put on him. The panting turned to a sharp intake of breath and sped up when I replaced the snug little butt plug, penetrating him with a large dildo that I strapped on. Putting some extra pegs on his nipples, which solicited some pitiful moans from him, I informed him that little slutty sissies get to be fucked. I opened up his arse and worked my strap on deeper into him, pounding at his prostate. He came with his dick and balls still covered in pegs, and relished his whimpering as I rapidly took the pegs off. Definitely a dinner date with quite a bit extra.