By Mistress King, Jan 13 2015 03:00AM

So nipples seem to be Mistress Stella’s new play things.. and I have also been having so much fun with a burning candle. I instructed a slave boy to present himself to me denuded from hair. He’d done a very good job I have to say. So it was only fitting that I reward him by clamping his tender nipples and twisting the clamps until he whimpered and cried. When I finally took the clamps off, the blood rushing back to such sensitive areas made him scream.

Then I turned his attention toward the single candle I had burning, and was moving towards his punished nipples. No Mistress please.. he begged. I do love it when they beg, it makes hurting them even sweeter. I had to gag him after that. Then my candle and I paid good attention to his hairless arse cheeks, vulnerable hole, and of course, his cock and balls. I had him spread eagled on the bed, so no matter how much he wriggled and writhed, painful stinging hot drops of wax still found his skin.

He really should consider himself lucky that I was so caring that I had him come to me shaved. Can you imagine the wax tearing off from a delicate furry scrotum? How about being made to rip wax bits off a hairy arsehole? Or maybe you can imagine it…