By Mistress King, Dec 9 2014 03:00AM

had my nails done specially for an evening date. And I do say they look good. Even better when they are raking down a back or tightly grasping a man’s tender parts.. But more of that later. I met him at a restaurant on a charming little city street, and he’d thoughtfully brought me a beautiful corsage to wear. Dinner and desert were exquisite, and we found we had much more in common that we liked discussing, than we would have guessed. We strolled back to his hotel, a short walk on a pleasant night. Then I turned from dinner companion into severe teacher. His palms were laid out and given much attention from my ruler, then I instructed him to assume the position for much more than six of the best. As a reward for taking his strappings and beltings so well, I allowed him to then worship my feet. Then to finish his humilations, I had him assume the position again and maintain it, while I pulled him to a finish from behind him while raking his buttocks and balls with my nails. He found it very difficult to stay in that position while cumming, but he’d been warned that if he didn’t I would stop. What a very obedient boy. And what a lovely gentlemen.