By Mistress King, Nov 6 2014 09:00AM

Fantastic memorable appointment with a true gentleman just before my vacation. He arrived and prepared himself diligently for our session. I took him in hand, tying up his very presentable package, then had him on display for me while I tweaked and played with his cute nipples. His adorable bottom was begging to be spanked, so I put him over my knee and obliged. When it turned a lovely warm rosy pink I knew it was time then to get him ready.. I lay him on the bad and built him up slowly. First fingering his tight rosebud until I got it to relax and trust me. Gently working him open with my smallest strap-on while I had him secured to my bed. When he was ready, I had him with his wrists and ankles tied to the head of the bed. His arse just there and vulnerable for the taking. Then I opened him up with my biggest strap-on.. I love it when a manly gent surrenders his body to me for my pleasure.

By Mistress King, Nov 6 2014 09:00AM

Gents, pets, slaves and boys,

Yours Truly is swanning off to the continent to indulge Herself in boutique beers and delectable chocolate treasures. Why don’t you guess where?.. I shall return and be looking forward to our short and sweet hourly or two rendezvous, as well as our long and relaxed dinner dates where we let the charge slowly build up over the evening. Be seeing you from Tuesday the 18th of November. Be good until then.. or you know what happens..

Kisses and spanks,

Ms King

By Mistress King, Oct 29 2014 09:00AM

There’s an elegant gent I see on a regular basis. He unzips me out of my dress, and then I start on turning him into a zipper that I can unzip.. I’ve worked him up to 100 pegs now. 80 of them go up his tender inner thighs, up over his stomach and then congregate over his nipples and pecs. And I’m sure you can guess where the other 20 go.. After they’re all on and he’s been worked up a while, I slowly take off the 20 pegs I’ve placed on his cock and balls. Each one coming off is like a hot needle piercing through tender flesh, pegs coming off always more pain than going on. I enjoy his gasps and moans of each peg, and then I stroke, slap and rub the sore pinched sensitive skin of his cock and balls, making him shriek and squirm. He’s still so hard, so I can tell he likes it.. Then as he’s about to come, I rip of the all 80 pegs on his body with a string I’ve threaded through. With a scream he truly comes undone.. unzipped. So much cruel fun with some simple pegs.

By Mistress King, Oct 17 2014 08:00AM

Hello pets,

I’m being treated to a couple of continental jaunts before the winter settles itself in. So I’m in London between Monday 27 Oct – Weds 5 Nov. Come visit me for an autumnal invigoration