By Mistress King, Jan 13 2015 03:00AM

So nipples seem to be Mistress Stella’s new play things.. and I have also been having so much fun with a burning candle. I instructed a slave boy to present himself to me denuded from hair. He’d done a very good job I have to say. So it was only fitting that I reward him by clamping his tender nipples and twisting the clamps until he whimpered and cried. When I finally took the clamps off, the blood rushing back to such sensitive areas made him scream.

Then I turned his attention toward the single candle I had burning, and was moving towards his punished nipples. No Mistress please.. he begged. I do love it when they beg, it makes hurting them even sweeter. I had to gag him after that. Then my candle and I paid good attention to his hairless arse cheeks, vulnerable hole, and of course, his cock and balls. I had him spread eagled on the bed, so no matter how much he wriggled and writhed, painful stinging hot drops of wax still found his skin.

He really should consider himself lucky that I was so caring that I had him come to me shaved. Can you imagine the wax tearing off from a delicate furry scrotum? How about being made to rip wax bits off a hairy arsehole? Or maybe you can imagine it…

By Mistress King, Jan 8 2015 03:00AM

Pegs might just be Miss Stella’s new best friend. I use them to pinch and torment the useless and delicate nipples of my submissive because I love the whimpers he makes. I have him blindfolded, not knowing where the next peg might go. It keeps him fearful and off guard, unsure what I will do to him. I do love that.. And of course I whisper suggestions of what might happen, let them play all over in his mind. And I’ve recently been finding so much joy in the noises I can extract from my submissive, when I continued to fondle his genitals right after I’ve milked a load. So deliciously cruel I think.

By Mistress King, Jan 4 2015 03:00AM

Hello Gents. Meet my very naughty girlfriend Alex. We love to play together tormenting and teasing men, using them as our playthings. And the more the merrier right? Imagine your burning buttocks, tanned and punished by two Mistresses and our implements. Or maybe you’ll be tied up and made to watch me discipline her… But enough talk, we’ll let these photographs speak for themselves…

By Mistress King, Dec 19 2014 03:00AM

One of Mistress Stella’s favourite things is having a man fully submit and surrender himself. I had this earlier in the week where my charge had properly douched before coming to meet me. I like them well cleaned out and properly manicured. I also had him shave everything – sac and crack for my pleasure. When he arrived, punctual as always, I had him strip naked. I then assessed him for the piece of meat that he is. Grabbing at his pecs, nipples, biceps, hair, buttocks, and of course those de-nuded man parts. Then I had him on all fours on the bed, presenting his rosebud to me for deflowering. Such a humble and humiliating position I had him assume. I let him sweat a bit, not knowing what I had in store for him, then I began to tease his hole with a latex-ed lubed finger. His hairless star-fish winked and tightened, and I laughed, knowing what a futile action it was. He would be taking my whole fist before the end of our two hours. I coaxed his hole to relax. Soft strokes and gentle probing pressure. Soon I worked more fingers into him. He was still tight, but much more relaxed. The tip of his cock began to bead with pre-cum as my fingers rubbed against his prostate. I would milk him dry before we were finished. Adding another finger, I started to stroke his cock with my other hand – to help with relaxing him, so kind of me! Of course I stopped before he could cum. I loved watching his cock twitch in frustration. Strapping on, I pulled him back on to me, making him take my strap on in one go. He struggled, but I knew he could manage. Then I made him fuck himself on my strap-on, backing onto it like a little slut. I wouldn’t let him stop until I could see all his cum had been milked out. Now his arse was relaxed, open and ready for my fist. He took it well, my whole fist, only whimpering a little before swallowing it up. Then I made him dry cum by grinding my knuckles on his prostate, watched his cock twitch and ball sac squeeze up, listening to his strangled climaxing noises. All in a good day’s work for Mistress Stella.