Nasty Nurse

By Mistress King, Apr 26 2015 03:22PM

After a delectable evening meal, we returned to his hotel for a charged role-play session. I transformed from amicable and charming Courtesan into a sadistic and domineering Nurse. I was a mean and demanding Head Matron in a futuristic world, where men aren't allowed to cum.

Instead they are summons daily to be milked at the local collection centre, their semen collected for off-earth colonies. Protocol dictated that he humiliatingly place his head on the ground while his rump in the air, with his semen spout positioned over a glass receptable. I stretched his arse open slowly, gleefully inserting bigger and bigger dildos and plugs, all while continuing to stimulate his prostate. When I was finally able to extract the semen, it was without any satisfaction of orgasm for him. I berated him for the small amount of sperm, and said I thought he was withholding, and I would have to squeeze his balls to make sure I'd gotton out every last drop as I am owed.

Then I started milking his cock, while squeezing painfully on his nuts. He yelped and begged me to stop, but I take my semen collecting job seriously, as do I male specimens who refuse to give up the required daily amount. To make sure he didn't repeatedly withold, I made sure I kept milking him many painful squirming minutes after he came again. That will remain a timely reminder for him not to mess with Nurse Stella!