By Mistress King, Nov 24 2014 09:00AM

Mistress does not like stinky men in case that was at all unclear. I’m sure no lady does. I had the unfortunate luck of meeting with a man for whom personal hygiene was not a strong point. So of course we were not going to be able to do what we had planned together. I chastised his rudeness for subjecting me to such unpleasantness. Then I made sure to punish such insolence. I put him into a cold shower and made him scrub himself vigorously until it hurt. When he complained I gagged him with a bar of soap and made him scrub his nether regions even more. Mistress Stella is NOT to be argued with. I allowed him to dry himself after his cleansing, and then to warm him up I belted him on his legs, buttocks, chest and genitals. See what happens when you whinge about being cold? I laughed at his twig and berries all shrivelled and small from the chill, then made him jerk off while squeezing his nuts painfully. I think he’s learnt his lesson. He’s promised to make sure he’s properly clean and smelling lovely for our next encounter. Much more fun that way. Lazy hygiene does not please Miss Stella, and no one wants Mistress Stella displeased with them. Let that be a warning to you all!